• Appraisal and evaluation

    Accept two appraisal methods of pictures and objects, integrate the collection data and preliminary expert opinions and make further contact.

  • Arts and Antiques Collection

    Macao satellite TV exclusive treasure column
    Global recommendation of antiques
    Focusing on the most valuable art treasures

  • Exhibition recommendation

    Domestic and international large-scale recommendation, recommended by internal resources and other channels recommended.

  • High end customer recommendation

    Collecting high-end treasures, free high-end customer group recommendation, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen, one-to-one key recommendation!


  • Liu Lequn

    Liu Lequn, an expert in porcelain and miscellaneous appraisal, a senior expert in appraisal and evaluation, and a chief expert in the “Arts and Antiques Collection” section of the Macau Satellite TV, and an appraisal consultant of Xi'an Huaxia Auction House. He has been engaged in the collection of antiques for more than 30 years. He has profound knowledge of bronzeware, Ming and Qing porcelain, miscellaneous identification of coins, and has his own unique insights.

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  • Xu Jie

    Xu Jie, director of the China Collectors Association, a national registered professional art appraiser. Director of the China Treasure Collection Tour Organizing Committee, China's well-known antiques appraisal expert, market critic, deputy secretary-general and standing committee member of the Chinese Society of Art and Literature, and special appraisal expert of the price evaluation committee of Beijing Guoyi Appraisal Center.

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  • Ouyang Zhaoxia

    Ouyang Zhaoxia, a special invited expert of CCTV's "Hunting Treasures" column, holds a master's degree in gemology from China University of Geosciences, holds a certificate of national registered auctioneer and an expert certificate of cultural relics auction unit. She is currently the general manager of Beijing Yuewang Jewelry Club. CCTV-1 "Hunting treasure" program jewelry and jade identification experts, "Private Wealth" and other media jewelry appreciation, collection column columnist, jewelry appreciation collection and auction direction senior lecturer.

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  • Gao Ashen

    Gao Ashen, cctv Chinese folk collection ceramics group identification expert, researcher of Shanghai Collection Culture Research Institute, member of Shanghai Ancient Ceramics Science and Technology Research Association, invited researcher of Shanghai Collection Culture Research Institute, member of the Collection Express Expert Committee, and professor of cultural relics of Peking University Resources College , China Civil Holdings Appraisal Committee ceramic group identification experts and other positions.

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